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Mobile sludge treatment system.

Thai Nam CompanyTechnologyMobile sludge treatment technology

The system is a mobile, fully integrated process system offering internal cleaning of tanks for oil products like gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

The system is automated meaning that there is no need for humans to enter tanks during the cleaning process and the process can be operated by only one personel.

Compare to traditional handwork method, this technology is safer, faster and friendlier to the environment.

* The system has two part:

  1. Nozzles to clean inside the tank, using low pressure fluid flow in a circulation. They are installed through available holes on the tank. The tank size will decide the type and quantity of nozzles.
  2. Truck combine traditional vacuum function with special sludge separator and the ability to recycle cleaning solvent. The truck park near the tank, vacuum sludge inside to separate fluid and solid. Cleaning solvent re-enter the tank through nozzles, take the sludge outside for the treatment. The truck engine provides energy and compressed air for the process. Steam and nitrogen will be taken from another source.

* The process:

  • Vacuum: Sludge is vacuumed from the tank to the truck by variable speed pump. Filters and anti-reverse component protect the pump from wasted solid.
  • Separator: The truck tank volume of 12m3 is separate into two components include a sealed piston and a special separator. The sludge go through separator to the front of the tank, where wasted oil and water are stratified. Solid particles sink to the bottom of the tank and will be eliminated.
  • Solvent pump: Cleaning solvent will be recycled by a special pump on the truck and be heated up by a steam heat exchanger component on the roof of the truck.
  • Cleaning nozzles: are fixed on the top of the tank by flanges. They spray high flow, low pressure cleaning solvent. Quantity and arrangement of the nozzle is set to ensure 100% cover of the solvent to the tank surface based on specific tank.
  • Discharge hole: When the truck tank is full of oil and water, oil will be taken out through the top to the previous tank for treatment. Oil will be sampled and eliminated, only water remain in the tank. Meanwhile, the cleaning process is continued until the tank is completely clean.
  • Water discharge: At the end of the process, water is discharged through a bottom valve.


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