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High pressure water jet is one of the best solution for refractory removal.

Refractory is being used to the structure in industrial process that require a large quantity of heat for the manufacture of new products or semi-finished goods. From the intense heat of the combustion process, fire wears away the ‘fire brick’ or refractory lining. Refractory removal is essential for inspection, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

There are a few techniques which can be used for refractory removal including pneumatic breaker and ultra high pressure water jetting.

Followings are some advantage of the ultra high pressure water jetting technology that Thainam provide to do the refractory removal jobs:

  • More efficiency with less downtime for maintenance work.
  • Work properly in any position and condition.
  • Small and light equipment while remaining powerful and agile.
  • Totally no damage to underneath structure.
  • Almost 10 times faster than traditional method.


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