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Internal pipe cleaning by high pressure water jetting using multiple nozzle rotary head.

Pipe cleaning is always one of the easiest and most effective way to improve system productivity. Even the smallest irregularity or debris inside will reduce product flow. Reduced capacity puts unnecessary load on the pump, lead to system failing in long term operation.

High pressure water jet can solve tough scale removal and internal pipe cleaning without damaging the pipe surface. Thainam always looking for the latest high pressure water jet cleaning technology to provide the best pipe cleaning service.

As the leading industrial pipe cleaner by high pressure water jet in Vietnam market, we have the ability to clean pipe from 8mm under hardest condition. Our hose rotary device and rotary nozzle allow us to navigate through several 90 degree elbows and run long vertical distance from one position.

Our engineers are fully trained to understand the difference between pressure versus flow and how to select the right nozzles for the specific job. We also know how to handle many kinds of debris in a pipe as well as different pipe materials.


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