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Cleaning shell side by automatic high pressure water jetting system.

A heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer thermal energy between two or more fluids, between a solid surface and a fluid, or between solid particulates and a fluid, at different temperatures and in thermal contact. Shell and tube heat exchanger are the most widespread and commonly used basic heat exchanger configuration in the process industry. The reason is shell and tube heat exchanger provides a comparatively large ratio of heat transfer area to volume and weight.

Keeping heat exchangers clean is an important aspect of routine maintenance. Without regular cleaning, fouling and debris reduce heat exchanger efficiency and can, if left unchecked, cause equipment and processes to fail.

Shutdowns due to heat exchanger failure can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – many times the cost of performing even the most complex cleaning procedures. When performed correctly, however, heat exchanger cleaning will improve performance and save money.

Thainam provide ultra high water pressure jetting – one of the first choice for every heat exchanger cleaning program because of its speed, effect, and environmental friendliness. Using nothing but water, it is possible to successfully remove deposits and scale from heat exchangers, tube bundles and surrounding systems.


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