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Clean air-fin cooler by foam.

Thai Nam CompanyTechnologyFin foam cleaning technology

The foam is applied directly onto the outer most row of the finned tubes. The concept of using foam is that it will not be susceptible to gravity; rather migrate through the fins and adhere to any obstruction.

Consequently, the fin foam remains on the accumulation working to softens & disperses the accumulation away from the fins. Once the accumulation is softened & loosened with fin foam’s proprietary cleaner, a high volume - low pressure water rinse is used to expel the remaining dirt off the equipment. Following are some features:

  • Fin foam is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • The cleaning can be performed on or off line.
  • The foam will not damage the fins or the tubes
  • The foam reaches the inner tube surfaces, dissolving most organic deposits.
  • Fin foam cleaning is safer since this method does not require entry to the fan cowlings, no confined entry required.


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