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Thainam is the leader in industrial cleaning service in Vietnam market.

Industrial cleaning service

Carefully and periodically repair and maintain the production line is the key to ensure long-term, reliable, and efficient operation. Among those maintenance works, cleaning to set facilities to original form is one of the most essential procedure.

  • High pressure water jet cleaning service

    • We, Thainam Investment Industrial JSC, are the leader in industrial cleaning service by ultra high pressure waterjet (UHPW) on Vietnam market.

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    • Fin foam cleaning method is a process to clean exterior finned tubed exchangers and boilers. Fin foam cleaning utilizes a low pressure –high volume system that consistently and thoroughly cleans the exterior tubes.

    Heat exchanger cleaning

    • Thainam provide ultra high water pressure jetting – one of the first choice for every heat exchanger cleaning program because of its speed, effect, and environmental friendliness.

    Tank, vessel and column cleaning

    • We are fully equipped to clean tanks of all sizes and volumes from portable tanks to petroleum storage tanks with volume of over 8,000 m3. We are also capable of cleaning almost any type of tank, including crude, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, wastewater, gasoline, sour water, benzene and more.

    Pipe cleaning

    • As the leading industrial pipe cleaner by high pressure water jet in Vietnam market, we have the ability to clean pipe from 8mm under hardest condition. Our hose rotary device and rotary nozzle allow us to navigate through several 90 degree elbows and run long vertical distance from one position.

    Economizer cleaning

    • Thainam have wealth of experience in cleaning economizers using high pressure waterjet technology. The high pressure and high flowrate water jet navigate through layers of pipes, fins, and gills, clean and restore the economizer to original condition.

    Refractory removal

    • Refractory is being used to the structure in industrial process that require a large quantity of heat for the manufacture of new products or semi-finished goods. From the intense heat of the combustion process, fire wears away the ‘fire brick’ or refractory lining. Refractory removal is essential for inspection, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

    Surface cleaning

    • The rapidly growth of High pressure water jet technology lead to its wide range of application in industrial cleaning and surface preparation. With a pressure range up to 2800 bar, water jetting cleans deeply enough to prevent these invisible “corrosion cells” from forming, and even restores the surface’s original profile.


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